eBuddy XMS

We know what you are thinking -- cross platform messaging clients are like a dime a dozen now a days, and with so many options, what makes this one any better? With clients like Kik, LiveProfile and WhatsApp available already, the folks at eBuddy XMS knew they had to step it up a level beyond the others and they feel they have done so very well. Features of eBuddy XMS include:

  • eBuddy is a pioneer in the mobile messaging landscape, with its instant messaging apps having seen more than 100 million unique downloads to date
  • eBuddy has the experience and know how to deliver a reliable messaging service, exemplified by the more than 17 billion messages it processes every month
  • Since its launch (late May), eBuddy XMS has seen a great reception, currently being in the top 20 in 27 countries (social networking category - iOS)
  • eBuddy has also developed Web XMS, an exclusive web-based companion app that allows you to manage all your XMS messages through the comfort of your computer. 

Knowing that not everyone can be tied to their mobile device at all times, or folks at the computer don't always want to pick up their device to respond to a message, having a web-based companion is a huge help that definitely sets it apart. Unfortunately eBuddy XMS is not available through AppWorld, but it is available through their site for download. More images after the break.

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