eBay for BlackBerry 10

One for all you eBay users out there. If you're using the eBay app on BlackBerry right now, you may find it is lacking in some areas. Plus, it's certainly in need of a makeover. It's looking as though it will get just that when BlackBerry 10 arrives. As designs show, a new eBay for BlackBerry 10 app is in the works and will offer up many visual and performance enhancements.

Much like BlackBerry Travel, the overall design of the app has been pixelated intentionally but if you look through the documents, you can see the direction the app will take. For a while now, the eBay app on BlackBerry has been rather ignored so it's nice to see it getting a new look. Though, it may increase my eBay spending for better or worse.

Source: The Attic Column, Thanks, @CatlinWells!