eBay App for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0.0.47 now available
    The last version of eBay for BlackBerry smartphones was stuck in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for quite some time but now an even later version has finally been released into BlackBerry App World. Getting a bump from v2.0.0.37 to v2.0.0.47 this release is still missing a change log currently but that will likely come later, once the BlackBerry Beta Zone gets updated with the latest information. For now, it's safe to assume it's bug fixes for the newly introduced features that came with the 2.0 update:
    • Navigation Bar -- shows the currently selected screen and a cursor for when navigating between options
    • Tool tips -- now provided to indicate what the icon on the navigation bar is for
    • Shipping Option -- updated so only one option show at first and the user can add more or remove ones they don’t want
    • Selling items -- When selling an item, the user is provided with several return options when available 
    If you're a big eBay user -- you can grab the latest from BlackBerry App World. If it's not currently showing for you, sit tight or refresh App World and it will show up soon enough. Thanks, @mannors007!

    Download the eBay app for BlackBerry Smartphones v2.0.0.47