I kind of sort of have an addiction when it comes to music apps. It seems no matter how many I try out, there's no one single app that covers all my music needs. Instead, I find myself using several different apps such as Slacker Radio8TracksSongza, SkoodayNobex and Deezer. A new entrant to that list though is called Easytune, which offers free, unlimited streaming music for all currently available BlackBerry 10 devices.

The app itself started off a little rough but has since transitioned into what appears to be a native app and added a bunch of great features such as social sharing through Twitter and Facebook, playlists, easy album search and even account creation, so that you can keep all your stuff organized. It seems as though the app is using an API to some backend music service and thus far, it's been running perfectly fine for me.

What that service may be though, I'm not too sure. In any case, it's a great app for music fans that's available as a free download. You can't really beat that. I do have to note though, you cannot download songs via this app so those of you on limited data plans, this might not be the ideal app for you as it will always need to be streaming over the network

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