Another fun feature off my want list is heading to BlackBerry 10 with the 10.1 MR in a few weeks. I've always been a fan of keeping my BlackBerry locked and secure with a password, but on my Z10 I threw my old ways to the curb since it was more than a chore to enter a password to unlock my device. As luck would have it however, an "easy password" feature is heading to BlackBerry 10.1 according to BlackBerry Product Manager Michael Clewly's BBM Channel (C00014277).

While there aren't too many details given about the specifics, the feature appears to be a simple PIN lock that would be much easier to perform on the Z10 as opposed to typing out a longer password on the virtual keyboard. 

I'm all for keeping a device locked down tight, but for some using an easy password/PIN to lock their device is better than nothing - and certainly makes for quicker access on the fly. A welcome addition in my book!

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