I've always been looking for a bigger and better way to lock my device. I'm not always a fan of typing in a password, and I really just never got into using the lock button for some reason. I've tried many pattern and key locking apps over the years, but one I found last week I totally fell in love with. Easy Lock (available in both pro and lite versions) is a simple "slide up" lock screen for your BlackBerry. You can assign it to lock on the hardware lock button or specify a timeout of up to 15 minutes and your device will lock automatically. A full screen covers your device -- complete with time, date and notifications -- and you just slide it up to unlock your device (much like Windows Phone). It feels so fluid that it's like it was meant to be there all along. Check out my video above to see it in action, then head to BlackBerry App World to try it out for yourself. 

More information/download of Easy Lock Pro
More information/download of Easy Lock Lite 

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