Millions of users now rely on Gmail for their personal email needs, in some cases even in a professional context. Gmail has been in beta for quite a while now but don’t worry, this is a rock solid service. Great web based access, over 2gig of free storage, all the features you might need such as spell checker, html body, auto draft backup…

Gmail Setup

There are 2 ways to setup Gmail for your BlackBerry:
- Pop access
- Forward.

I’ve been using Gmail for many months and Forward is definitely your best bet. For a start, Pop is slower than Forward. Your BlackBerry web service checks for new pop emails at regular intervals but it can take up to 10 minutes to get your email. When forwarding, as soon as Gmail gets a new email, this is forwarded to your BlackBerry and you get it instantly. Pop is not always reliable; I had to reset my settings a few times when it stopped working for no reasons.

Setting up Forward on Gmail is simple, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Gmail web site, login and select “Settings”
2. Select the Tab “Filters”
3. Then click on “create a new filter”
4. In the field “Has the words”, enter “in:inbox”. This will prevent forwarding Spam emails and only forward the ones who end up in your inbox

## This Article Was Originally Published by on April 22, 2006