There aren't many holidays where the Crack Team actually takes the day off, but Easter just so happens to be one of them (okay who am I kidding, we'll probably be working). Kevin, Bla1ze and co. are actually making the trek out from CB HQ in NYC (or so they told me) to spend Easter in the burbs at Team Zeis. We're looking forward to spending our first official holiday together - after all, we are technically family. 

So whether or not you celebrate Easter, Passover or what have you, take the day to relax, eat some candy, drink some booze, then eat some more candy. Maybe even consider turning your phone off - or at least on silent - so you can get some quality time with friends and family. 

We won't totally abandon you with no BlackBerry love on this post, so check out our shortlist of Easter wallpapers and a few cool apps you can grab for the weekend. And don't forget you can save 15% on accessories at ShopCrackBerry until midnight PST on Monday!

Happy Easter!

Some cool Easter goodies to check out:

Easter Slider
Easter Eggs Theme
Easter Wallpaper App
Easter Games
Make a Scene Easter

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PS: Did you ever find the CrackBerry redesign Easter Egg?