E-Mobile Preview

Alright folks, just when you thought they've stopped popping up on CB, I'm back with one more. Yes, one more notification application before the final showdown. To be honest, I've enjoyed testing out this and similar applications, as I've found this type of solution to be one of the most useful, in my opinion. The fellow BlackBerry Users and Abusers I've spoken with seem to agree with me and it's only fair to present these apps and see which one comes out on top.

Without further adieu, let me present the fourth and final contender in the battle for the title of Pop-up Powerhouse; e-Mobile Preview.

With e-mobile Preview, you are given a glance at not only what you could be missing, (email and SMS messages) but what you actually have missed (missed calls that is). E-Mobile Software already has an impressive array of applications in its utility belt, so let's see how e-Mobile Preview handles its turn at bat. Get it? Utility belt? Bat?.....ok..moving on....

Once you pop, you just can't stop!

e-Mobile Preview is available on BlackBerrys running OS 4.2 and higher. Taking a look at the CrackBerry App Store, the compatible BlackBerrys list as follows; Bold, Pearl, 8800, Curve and 8700 series.

After downloading the application from the CrackBerry App Store, I head to my downloads folder check out e-Mobile Preview's icon and menu. Hey.. wait just a second! Where's the e-Mobile Preview icon?! As I read in the forums, I wasn't the only one who couldn't see it. The truth is, the application doesn't have an icon! To access the menu, head over to either your native call log or message folder. After opening one of these, press the menu button and at the top, its secret door is revealed. Click Preview Option and you are redirected to its options menu. Let's take a look at this later on, while we focus on what the application can do.

e-Mobile Preview will generate a pop-up notification when an incoming email, SMS is received or if you have missed a call. Here's how the messages appear on your BlackBerry;


The pop ups for emails will display the contact name or email address, the subject and a small portion of the body. If you have assigned an image to the sender, the image will display as well. Below the message are three buttons; Open, Delete and Dismiss. After you open the message, you can manage the message as you typically do (reply, forward, etc). Delete will only remove the message from you messages folder. Pressing Dismiss only removes the pop up- your LED will still blink red and you will still see the new message icon on your screen.

E-Mobile Preview
incoming email


In this type of message, the notification will show the assigned image, the contact's name or number and a brief look at the body. Here, you can either open the message or dismiss the pop up.

E-Mobile Preview
incoming text

Missed Calls

This was a little confusing for me. Having purposely missed a few calls from my wife, (sorry baby, but it was for the good of the CrackBerry Community!) the pop up didn't behave exactly how I thought it would. My BlackBerry would display the standard "You have 1 new missed call, View and Close" notification. When I choose view, I am both redirected to the call log and presented with the e-Mobile Preview pop up I should have received before. Choosing Close, the e-Mobile Preview pops up. From this pop-up, I can call the person back with a push of a button or dismiss the call.

By default, the pop ups will display for 30 seconds, but you can change the duration to 15, 45, 60 seconds or until you dismiss it. For this, you have to head back to the application's Options Menu. Besides changing the pop up duration, you can also choose to enable or disable the backlight, vibration or even the application itself. Although you cannot change the look of the pop up, I found everything except the buttons easy to read.

E-Mobile Preview
one missed call...


e-Mobile Preview did a decent job of notifying me of messages and missed calls, but I felt it could do more. I would like to see some sort of spam blocker included, but then again E-Mobile Software does have other applications to help you out. Cost wise, it's on the higher end of the pop up spectrum, ringing in at $12.95 in the CrackBerry App Store. With this in mind, they do need to add more features in order to keep up with the pack. Sadly, there's no free trial available.

Pick up your copy of e-Mobile Preview here.


  • respond to text and emails right from the notification
  • select the pop up duration
  • easy to read font


  • limited options
  • missed call pop up awkwardly placed
  • no free trial?!!!