After studying a few BlackBerry typing tips, I’m getting better at thumb typing, but I sometimes sacrifice accuracy for speed, a fact revealed whenever I send an email from my BlackBerry. But now I’ve found eSpell, a spell checker from DynoPlex. eSpell is part of the eOffice suite of productivity apps for BlackBerry, but it can be purchased separately if you just want to use it stand-alone. eSpell integrates with the BlackBerry email composer, allowing you to spell-check an email simply by selecting “Check Spelling” from the menu.

I installed eSpell very easily by downloading and running an executable file. It installed some desktop components to my PC before launching the RIM Desktop Manager to install the BlackBerry components.

Installing eSpell automatically installs eFile, a file manager and launcher for your BlackBerry. This was a little confusing at first, since it wasn’t obvious from the product description that eFile, containing a single component(eSpell) of their suite of products is what was actually installed. This integrated framework makes great sense if you have several of DynoPlex’s products installed, but if you just want a spell checker and nothing else, some people may find the overhead of accessing eSpell through eFile to be a little cumbersome.
eSpell embedded in eFile

As a spell checker, eSpell works beautifully. After selecting a dictionary for eSpell, you can check the spelling of your emails with a simple trackwheel click. Your outgoing email is scanned and eSpell takes over, highlighting unknown words and offering alternative suggestions from a popup list. The controls are easy to use, making it a breeze to correct your mistakes before sending a message.
Check spelling in native BlackBerry email composer
Correcting a mistake

You can download and use a local dictionary, or choose to access a network dictionary for your spell checks. Dictionaries in several languages are available for download, including some specialized medical and legal dictionaries. In addition, you can customize your dictionary by adding your own words.
Selecting a dictionary

The software comes with extensive and well written pdf manuals. They are useful for understanding the product and the setup process. Once everything is configured, the software is easy to use, and it probably won’t be necessary to open the manuals again.

Hooray! No more mispeled mispelled misspelled words.

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