I'm rather partial to a game of golf on my BlackBerry, however, rather than a true simulation style game I find the 3D whacky ones a bit more entertaining. Dynamite Golf is certainly that and offers up hours of great game play. 

Controlling the ball is super straight forward. Just pull back from the ball to select your power and direction and release. Like in a real game of golf you do get a par (shown at the base of the display) which you need to keep within to get the best score, but as you'll see in the video the amount of shots you get is a darn sight more than in real life. 

The first couple of levels are fairly straight forward and these will allow you to master the art of using the right amount of power and dodging obstacles. But, as you get further into the game you need to use your brain a bit more to ensure the ball stays on the course. One example of this is where you fire the ball into a hole which is connected to a rotating tube. Here you need to time it just right as the tube moves both over the tee and also over a big drop. Although missing the tee will just place your ball back where you started you'll lose a shot. 

Things get spiced up even more as you gain achievements. On level four you'll be equipped with Dynamite which you must place near the ball so that when it explodes it fires the ball onto the next ledge. Having variation like this in the game really adds to the fun factor. 

Features of the game include: 

  • 18 unique holes to complete in 3D graphics. 
  • 6 different environments that interacts with the courses. 
  • Gain new abilities as you progress through the game. 
  • Easy controls, just point and shoot

Dynamite Golf is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. Whether you like golf or not is irrelevant with this one. It's just a great game with super 3D graphics. 

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