If you liked playing Run in Crowd for Blackberry 10 you are going to love Durian Run 2 which has the same concept - but is better in my opinion. Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices it's one of those games where your character (a Durian, whatever that is!) rolls from left to right and you must collect fruits along the way to gain points while avoiding falling from the cliffs.

Preventing yourself from plummeting to your death is achieved by jumping. A single tap produces a small jump or you can double tap for a longer one. In addition to the pitfalls you must also avoid some nasty monsters that resemble venus fly traps as they will eat you.

The idea is just to get the best score possible and although you are not playing against real people like with Run in Crowd, the graphics are what make me love this one. They are truly stunning - super bright and colorful. With a funky music soundtrack, the whole game play experience is excellent.

As you progress you can upgrade your Durian, but as you will have seen in the video I'm not good enough yet. But this is one of those games that will be staying on my BlackBerry so I shall keep on practicing.

Durian Run 2 is free to download so whether you have a Z10, Q10 or Q5 I would urge you to give this one a go - even just for when you have a couple of minutes of time to kill. It's a beauty.

Download Durian Run 2 for BlackBerry 10