DuoCam for BlackBerry 10 is a simple, yet useful camera application that allows you to take a snap from both the front and rear cameras on your BlackBerry to capture those special moments - combining the two images into one. At the time of writing this post it is only the BlackBerry Z10 that is currently supported but the developer has assured me that the other handsets will follow shortly. 

The full version of DuoCam costs £0.75/$0.99 however there is a trial version too which will allow you to take 20 photos - a nice touch from the dev. The way the app works is straight forward. Upon launch, the screen will be split into two parts with a camera icon in the middle. Press the icon to take a photo from the rear camera (shown at the top of the display) and then press the icon again for a 'selfie'. While the app may not be for everyone it will be perfect for if you are out with your other half and want to take a photo of both them and yourself. 

There are various sharing options built into DuoCam. You'll see icons at the base of the display for FaceBook, Twitter, Email and one for your BlackBerry Hub. Give the free version a shot from the link below and see what you think? 

More information/Download DuoCam (free) for BlackBerry 10