While we're rounding out 2013 with some year end posts, I wanted to sneak in one more before I forgot. I know that everyone loves Kevin and all that he's done for BlackBerry and CrackBerry -- myself included. But I wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of the dumb $hit that he's done over the last 12 months that certainly shouldn't be forgotten. Sure he's smart, dedicated and at times funny, but he can also be a flaming idiot. 

Just to quickly recap, it seems like the dumbness has only gotten worse over the years. In 2011 when left unattended, Kevin bought a $500 clock app for his BlackBerry. Dumb.

The dumbest moves from 2012:

And let's reflect on 2013:

  • Got his hair cut on stage in front of thousands of people live (and millions more on TV). CNBC aired it live. He even made the Economist
  • The drunken Q10 drop test. Even though it wasn't actually a real drop test, the fact that he made it into one was annoying and dumb.
  • Started a Sexy Guys in Yoga Shorts BBM Channel, posting only images of himself (little secret, he's really not flexible and sucks at yoga)
  • Yelled out PHON.ES! incessantly during conversations, at least three times a day
  • Kevin happened to be Miami during the iPhone 5s launch, so Rene from our sister site iMore tasked him with buying a phone. That said, he never told him to do what he ended up doing to get the gold one --- paying $1500!
  • Split his personalities into horcruxes.. starting first with his alter ego Cage Michaels (who is in alpha until he's officially unveiled later in 2014)




In all honestly, Kevin is a great isn't a bad boss. We really do love him and for the most part he does more good than dumb. Then again, CES is right around the corner.