Dukto is an easy to use LAN file transfer tool

There are various applications at your disposal with which to transfer your files via WiFi. Using the Dukto open source code, one talented developer worked hard to create a seamless and beautiful native experience to BlackBerry 10. If you are not familiar with Dukto, it is a multi-platform LAN file transfer utility that supports sending text, files, or folders from one device to another and vice versa. It does so with users not having to worry about configuration, permissions, operating system, protocols, and servers.

Delving into the application itself, it offers a simplistic interface. The application automatically detects all devices on the same WiFi Connection and displays them in your buddies list. This dashboard allows you to quickly select the device on your network you wish to send the files too. There are no additional screens to jump through, as all are accessible from this area.

As we have discussed, Dukto makes sending data a simple task whether it be one file, several, or large files. All you have to do is tap on a specific buddy. This action brings you to the transfer screen. From here users can send a text, send text from the clipboard, send files, or send a folder. As it has a high-speed file transfer ability, your file will be transferred within moments, depending on the size, to the other device. Additional features include a log of recent downloads and the ability for users to change their name, avatar, and theme color in settings.

What users need to look out for is the fact that Dukto does not offer password protection or encryption for their files. As such, if you have any concerns then be sure to use it on a trusted network.

Dukto is compatible with BlackBerry 10 and is free to download.

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