When the Canadian carriers for the BlackBerry KEYone were announced, TELUS customers were quick to point out that only business accounts were eligible to purchase the KEYone through their services. Now, due to demand and customer feedback, TELUS has decided to change course and make the BlackBerry KEYone available to consumer customers in 'the very near future'.

Due to demand, TELUS will be offering the BlackBerry KEYone to consumer customers

At this point, the info relayed doesn't exactly give us a timeline or pricing but at least we now we know for sure that if you have a consumer account, you WILL be able to pick up a BlackBerry KEYone at some point from TELUS and that's awesome news! Kudos to you all out there who let them know that you wanted the KEYone to be made available and shout out to TELUS for listening!

BlackBerry KEYone

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