Niedermayer and Ducks Hoist the Stanley CupLast night we witnessed the Anaheim Ducks take home the Stanley Cup for the first time in their history. In fact, this is the first time the Stanley Cup has EVER made it's way to California. Congrats to the Ducks, and of course to the Senators for a great run this year.

We would also like to congratulate Teemu Selanne and Randy Carlyle, 2 ex-Winnipeg Jets that got their well deserved taste of glory. Well done boys!

Shortly after the conclusion of the 6-2 cup clinching victory by the Ducks, captain Scott Niedermayer hoisted the cup. In the midst of the celebration, we could overhear a reporter ask, 'Scott, you've just won the cup... What are you going to do next?'... Without hesitation Scott blurted out 'I'm going to....... Buy a BlackBerry Curve!'.

We just picked one up here at the CrackBerry offices, maybe we should send him one?