DTEK for BlackBerry

The latest DTEK for BlackBerry updated has rolled into the Google Play Store and is now available for download. Aside from UX improvements and bug fixes, BlackBerry focused on improving event tracking and notifications for this release, which should improve the overall experience when using the app.

What's New

  • Divided event-tracking into background and foreground events
  • Separate notifications for background and foreground events
  • UX improvements & bug fixes

The last update to DTEK aimed to improve notifications as well, but they kind of went overboard and notified users a little bit too much about events. Hopefully, this release and the improvements will work out for the better. The update is live now, so hit the Google Play Store link to get it downloaded and let us know if the notification system is better this time around for you!

Download DTEK for BlackBerry from Google Play