Zipper by DSB Design

I stumbled across this free theme in the forums the last night, and had to share it with you guys. DSB Design has released Zipper for the BlackBerry Bold 9650/97xx on BB6. This aptly named design is built around the unique home screen, featuring what else - a large zipper, which appears to be opening up your wallpaper. Yes that's right, you can still change out your wallpaper, giving even your old favorites a new feel. The four icon dock is hidden, as well as the weather slot, giving you a total of five icons on the home screen. Speaking of icons, these are those hot OS7 icons we've been seeing lately, and they look great. If you download this free theme, be sure to leave DSB Design a nice review for his efforts! You can also post your screenshots and other feedback in the forums.

To download Zipper for your BlackBerry Bold 9650/97xx

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