With a free demo version as well as the full paid one (at just £0.75/$0.99), Droppy the Drop brings some fun physics based action to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. As the title kind of suggests, you need to guide Droppy from the top of the display down to the bottom collecting coins and stars along the way and it's quite a beauty.

The developer has been kind enough to give us two options in terms of controlling Droppy. Within the setting you can choose either tilt or on-screen controls which will please many folk - although personally the tilt works best for me. 

Once you begin playing Droppy you'll be shown what to do and getting to grips with the game is a piece of cake. However, as you progress the levels become more challenging, with bigger movements required to collect items and you'll also encounter some obstacles, which will harm your health. 

At the time of publication it is only the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 that are supported - so you hardware keyboard fans will have to miss out for the moment. 

With super background music and smooth, crisp graphics, Droppy the Drop get the big thumbs up from me. Grab the free version and see how you get on. Don't blame me though if you feel compelled to spend a buck on the paid edition! 

More information/Download Droppy the Drop (free) for BlackBerry 10