Dropped BlackBerry

Just how far would you go to get your BlackBerry back? At times many of us have left them behind in a cab or at a restaurant, or maybe even dropped it in the toilet. But has it ever been dropped somewhere that made you think twice about trying to get it back?

Maybe 16-year-old Ella Birchenough should have thought about it a bit more after she dropped her BlackBerry in a storm drain. She wanted it back so badly that she went in after it, only to get stuck in the drain herself.

We're curious to know how many of you have been in a similar situation where you've lost your phone and gone to extreme lengths to get it back. Maybe you lost it in the lion cage at the zoo, or maybe it slipped out into a urinal in a public bathroom. Whatever the case may be — hit up the comments and let us know what extreme scenarios you've gone through to get your BlackBerry back.

Source: The Guardian