Dropbox's new arbitration clause takes away your right to sue — so take it back!

Popular online storage app Dropbox has updated their terms of service (ToS) and that includes a new clause that would have any disputes setlled by an arbiter of their choosing. That means, if your privacy is ever violated, your data ever damaged, or anything goes wrong in any way at any point in time, you won't be able to sue either directly or as part of a class action. And that may not be a good thing.

Here's how the Dropbox blog explains it:

Arbitration. We’re adding arbitration clauses to our Terms of Service and Dropbox for Business online agreement. Arbitration is a faster and more efficient way to resolve legal disputes, and it provides a good alternative to things like state or federal courts, where the process could take months or even years. If you prefer to opt out of arbitration in the Terms of Service, there’s no need to fax us or trek to the post office — just fill out this quick online form.

There are several compelling arguments for why you might want to opt-out and preserve all your options under the law. If so, your have 30-days to head on over to the online form and get it done.

Mull it over and let me know what you decide to do!