The word on the street is that BlackBerry 10 users can now once again take advantage of the popular cloud storage service Dropbox - after being banned by the Chinese government in 2010. 

A firm favorite around the world - Dropbox comes pre-installed on BlackBerry 10 smartphones, but for the last few years the service has been unavailable in China for reasons that were never clarified. It remains unknown why Dropbox was banned, but if it is back up and running and here to stay it's certainly good news for the BlackBerry user base in China. 

We're unable to perform any tests ourselves so it's over to you Team CrackBerry. Are you in China and rocking a BlackBerry 10 handset? If so, is everything working as it should with Dropbox in terms of cloud syncing? Please let us know in the comments? 

If you are in China and deleted Dropbox from your device due to it being unusable you can download it from the link below (hopefully): 

Download Connect to Dropbox for BlackBerry 10

Source: techasia.com