Like most times when new devices arrive, there is typically a little bit of lag from when the devices release and apps get updated. Such is the case for Dropbox for BlackBerry. When the Bold 9900 and 9930 arrived on the scene Dropbox would load up but only to a blank screen. Now, a new forums build is available for BlackBerry 7 users and indeed does give you a working Dropbox for BlackBerry, plus adds some new features:

New features:

  • Security passcode
  • Save email attachments to Dropbox

This build resolves:

  • Issues on 9900 & 9930 devices (BB OS 7 support for other devices should be working fine)
  • Bug on thumbnails screen where only a few thumbnails were loaded
  • Performance issues (more work to be done here)
  • Various design tweaks

Known issues we're working to resolve:

  • Passcode is not engaged when you hit the button to turn off the screen (only when you leave the app)
  • Cached files are re-downloaded unnecessarily 

If you've been waiting for it, hit the link below to get a BlackBerry 7 compatible build of Dropbox for BlackBerry. And if you don't have Dropbox account yet, click here to sign up.

Download Dropbox for BlackBerry 7 devices