I will warn you in advance that Drop Ball is not the most exciting game we've seen on BlackBerry 10, but I thought it was worth sharing for two reasons. Number one is that it's free, which always helps, and secondly it's one of those perfect games for killing a wee bit of time when maybe on a bus or train.

The concept is quite simple - you control a ball using the phones gyroscope and you must get it through the whole on each platform as the screen scrolls up. There are bonus points to pick up along the way but you will need to use your skill to determine if you can reach the bonus without allowing your ball to reach the top of the display as that means it's game over.

The only sound effects are when you pick up a bonus so I'm hoping for some funky music in a future update (hear that developer?) - and the graphics are not the best, but game play is just fine.

At the end of each game you can view your score from today, all time and this month - with an option to reset. With this feature built in I can only presume that the dev though the same as me and with Drop Ball being free people will play it. I'll be keeping it on my Z10 for sure.

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