This year at CES the QNX team had no just one, but two new cars to show off. The Porsche and Bentley are back in the garage and replacing them is a Kia Soul and a sweet Mercedes CLA45 AMG. I had the pleasure of strapping into the drivers seat of both cars to check out all of the awesome tech QNX packed in this year.

Inside the Kia was a plethora of QNX Acoustics technology including QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control and Engine Sound Enhancement (which is awesome). The Active Noise Control is designed to cut down the excess noise when inside a vehicle — the speakers reducing the amount of engine noise heard by driver and passengers. For me, the Engine Sound Enhancement was the highlight though. The tech essentially keeps the intended sound of a vehicle intact no matter what has been done to the engine or other parts to tweak the vehicle. So even electric cars can have the sound of a standard gas engine. Imagine a Prius that sounds like a Dodge Charger. Crazy, right?

The Mercedes had plenty of digital tech floating in the dash and console as well. A giant display pans the center dash and allows for navigation, media control and even runs Android apps. There's natural speech recognition and fullband stereo duplex vehicle-to-vehicle calling. The dash cluster is configurable to fit the driver and also displays things like weather and media. 

So sit back, relax and come along for the ride as we check out what QNX has to show off this year at CES 2014.