Wallpapers are everywhere -- CrackBerry has offered a great selection over the years -- but you can never have too much choice. You spend your hard earned money on a shiny new BlackBerry Z10, the least you want is to dress it up all nice, right? Pattern and Color Wallpapers brings some of my personal favorites used on other platforms to BlackBerry 10.

It makes use of the COLOURlovers.com API, and is open-sourced to boot. What you get is an extensive, and extremely high quality selection of wallpapers to choose from. Selecting them as your wallpaper is as simple as tapping a single button on the screen, and the app takes care of the rest. Anyone familiar with the COLOURlovers selection will already know where I'm coming from, but if you're into patterned wallpaper as opposed to actual images, then you'll find something in here that takes your fancy. It's free to download, and is available as we speak in BlackBerry World.

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