DreamTheme Introduces New Products...

DreamTheme entered the BlackBerry personalization scene at the end of last year with their truly unique LiveScreen offerings. They have now extended their offerings further into the personalization space with what they are calling "PrimeThemes", built using the Plazmic Toolkit so you get the interface and navigation you expect, along with the customized icons and high caliber aesthetic DreamTheme is known for. With their new "DreamTones" apps they have also entered the ringtone pack space with some cool sounds. The DreamTones app is a small app you install that gives you access to over 20 professionally recorded track segments you can then save as a ringtone. The 6 DreamTone products they have started off with cover a broad range of genres to span most tastes and they claim that more will be coming regularly. To complete their full Personalization offering they have also launched "StillScreens" -- an offering of themed wallpapers of outstanding quality.

DreamTheme seems to be committed to a full service personalization model and have bundled all of these products, from all 4 of their product lines, into a personalization package called "Ultimate Dreaming" that will be available at a deep discount for a limited time at www.dreamtheme.com. We will be reviewing some of the individual products and collections in more detail in the next few weeks, but wanted to let everyone know that these guys are serious about being category captains in the personalization space.

DreamTheme Contest: The folks at DreamTheme love their BlackBerrys too, so they're going to be giving all of our finalists and "shout out" winners in the I Love My BlackBerry contest a free Ultimate Dreaming package. As for everybody else reading this -- check out the site and leave a comment to this post letting us know exactly which PrimeTheme or DreamTones or StillScreens you'd like to have on your BlackBerry. 5 lucky winners will get their pick!