Platform jumping games seem to be pretty popular and we've looked at a few already for BlackBerry 10, but Dream Up attracted my attention by its vibrant colour and graphics. It's free too which is always a bonus and is availble for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

To play the game you must choose to be one of two characters - Moni or Piu. Then it's straight into the game where you tap once for a normal jump and double tap for a longer one. Up at the top right hand side of the screen is your power. This decreases as you jump and using the double jump uses up even more, so be reserved with that one. As you travel up the platforms, using tilt controls, you need to collect stars to replenish your power, however there will be plenty of things you also need to avoid.

Jumping into things such as hot air balloons is going to kill you so keep your eyes peeled. There are power-ups that can be collected and some of these will provide you with a shield. It's really just a case of seeing how far you can get and achieving the best score possible.

As I mentioned at the start - the graphics are glorious with Dream Up. In addition, the sound effects are awesome. You get a great background track playing and each time Moni or Piu jumps they make a funny sound.

You'll notice that there are two games within the game - Classic and Adventure. The Adventure one is 'coming soon' so it's encouraging to see that the developer will be bringing some further good stuff to the game. If you don't like this one give it to a small child to play. I bet they love it.

Features include:

  • Two playable characters
  • Control your character with accelerometer
  • Touch to jump, touch twice to jump higher
  • Strategy to maintain power usage
  • Unlock achievements
  • Eight challenging levels
  • Various enemies and power ups

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