DrawIt for BBM

If you're looking to get your Draw Something fix on your BlackBerry, we have just the thing. DrawIt for BBM is a sweet little game that plays just like Draw Something against your BBM buddies. The UI is a bit clunky at first, but once you get the hang of it the game is tons of fun. You draw a picture for your friend to guess - if they get it right you collect coins then move onto guessing their drawing. You go back and forth collecting as many coins as you can. I'll admit it was a bit tough at first to draw on the small screen of my Bold 9900, but once you moving it goes pretty smooth. There are various drawing tools available as well as different pen sizes so you can make all kinds of funky creations. 

There are a few quirks as well, like the fact that you are only presented with one word to draw and don't get a choice for others. Also, you have to wait until your friends drawing is completed to guess - so if they take a while to draw and you know what it is, you'll still have to wait for them to complete it. From what I can see there aren't any notifications either, but if you just check back for new games that isn't really an issue.

Overall I think that DrawIt for BBM is pretty sweet. James and I have a good game going right now (I'm a way better artist as you can tell from my lobster) and providing you have BBM friends to join you, you'll get plenty of action out of it. Grab it in BlackBerry App World for $1.99.

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