[Update: Sorry, Drizzy might be a BlackBerry user but BlackBerry has now let us know, they are NOT in conversations with Drake]

Over the years on the CrackBerry Forums there has been plenty of talk about celebs who could be a suitable brand ambassador for BlackBerry. Rumors were aplenty that, once upon a time, Justin Bieber was being considered but among the community suggestions tossed out there you'll find long time BlackBerry user Drake high on the list. His BlackBerry use has been well documented in photos, music and has most notably written a few of his songs entirely on a BlackBerry.

According to a report coming out of Techcrunch, BlackBerry is in talks with Drake to promote the BlackBerry Classic which to me seems pretty much a perfect fit, considering I wrote reasons why he would be the perfect example of a BlackBerry Classic user when there was much concern over why BlackBerry was bringing back the 'toolbelt'. I'll take a Classic for the idea BlackBerry. Sources familiar with the matter have also noted 'Drake's promotion will include the claim that he was involved in the design process of the new smartphone.'

At this point, it remains a rumor as nothing has been confirmed and as Techcrunch reasonably notes, the deal could still fall through. Overall though, it's not a stretch of the imagination for BlackBerry to be pursuing this. Drake's career is pretty hot right now, he's a well known BlackBerry user and while he is Canadian, he's known globally.

What do you folks think? Is Drake a good fit? Let us know in the comments. 0 to 100, baby!