Dr. Who Rocks A Debranded BlackBerry Storm

The brand new Doctor Who series began the other day and while the eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith may or may not be a fan favorite across the board he's alright with us here at CrackBerry. Sure it could be his witty charm and wacky approach to things that made us like him but we're going with the fact that he's a BlackBerry user that won us over.

That's right, Doctor Who was spotted using a BlackBerry Storm during the episode, a debranded one no less. Ok, so maybe it was branded as a "BBC" but that's a fine line, in either case we all know it was a earth saving, multimedia messaging BlackBerry Storm. I just have to know what OS he was running or was he making use of some Doctor Who built hybrid? I mean, he did save the world with it.

Source: Engadget