Download Viigo 3 - CrackBerry Edition

It's here! Viigo has just released the 3rd public beta of Viigo Project Tango, and we have it ready for you to download, complete with branding. When we first announced Viigo - Editon, we became the fastest distribution point of all time in Viigo's partner network, driving more downloads of this awesome FREE app than anybody else (we even knocked off the massive BIG media companies). Let's do it again!! If you have any any other version of Viigo installed, remove it and get going with the latest version below. 

Download Viigo 3 (beta 3) Edition

Continue reading after the jump for the details on this latest beta build and some of the sweet new services provided (unfortunately we're still waiting on Audio support in this version... it will come!). More information and a great overview is located on the download landing page, or you can read our review/tutorial of the the original version. You can also discuss Viigo Beta 3 and get any assistance you may need in the CrackBerry forums!

Viigo 3 Beta 3 Core Updates

We have implemented the second stage of our memory and performance optimizations in this release. We have reduced the amount of memory used by Viigo, both at run-time and in the data store when the app is closed. We have also made the communications and updating mechanism more robust, equipping it with the ability to self correct when communications timeouts or disruptions occur. Stay tuned for more, as we will be rolling out additional memory and performance improvements in the next release.

We have also added the ability for you to customize your home screen, adding or removing the services you wish. But we have lots more coming here too, as we will shortly allow you to order your home screen to suit your needs.

Viigo Beta 3 New Services

Flights and Travel - Search for flights by route or by flight number, do quick flight status lookups, or build itineraries that will allow Viigo to track the status of these flights automatically.

Kijiji Classifieds - Access to the full Kijiji classifieds service. Select your city, select from the list of categories, and enter your search term and we'll keep a list of matching results up to date for you. You can find this under Local Interest.

Enhanced Sports Service - We have made a number of improvements to the sports service, including a new multi-select sports channel library, and the ability for the application to group multiple feeds for each sport together (i.e. scores, standings, etc.). We have also added new sports, including NCAA football, and have more to come (including English Premiership) in the next few days. We are working on more enhancements here for future releases, including the ability to sort sport scores according to your date preference.

Enhanced Elections Service - We have added a number of polls to the US Elections service , including Senate and Governor races, and have added coverage too for eh upcoming Canadian election.

Stocks and Finance - We have added a number of sector portfolios for those of you who want to keep track of the leading industries in each sector. We have also added a currency exchange rate service, so you can keep track of current rates for the location you're heading to next.