If you weren't too happy about the BlackBerry Beta Zone limiting the latest BBM Beta, you can now skip on past that process provided you don't mind loading up a .BAR file. BBM v10.3.24 has escaped the BlackBerry Beta Zone and is now available for download. As it is a beta that you're essentially loading in an unconventional manner, you're gonna want to use some caution here. New features in the release as noted by ZonaBB and other beta users:

  • Ability to share pictures within group chats (Shared photos will still show up in the Pictures section)
  • New Stickers.
  • Ability to have keyboard 'Always On' for touchscreen users
  • Landscape mode (Some say they have it, some don't.)
  • Modified BBM Channels tab header
  • Tweaked in BBM preview - Now shows up under BBM top bar and is grey
  • Fixed performance issues.

I don't think the new stickers are really new though, they're simply the Lil' Frenchie and Lionel The Whale ones that appeared earlier. In any case, if you're wanting to give it a go, you can hit the link below to get it downloaded.