Note: This isn't the official Instagram app for BlackBerry, but a working version of an old Android version you can sideload onto your Z10.

Instagram BB10

You've been waiting for it, and here you have it (sort of). Instagram is up and running on the BlackBerry Z10. Yes it's the Android version and yes, you'll need to sideload it -- but it works and that's really all that matters. Keep in mind that it isn't a supported BlackBerry app, so it will be buggy and you may have some issues with it. We tested it a bit and overall don't really have any complaints thus far. 

You'll need to sideload the bar file to your device to get it working. If you've never done that before then check out our guides for both Windows and Mac. After that, just fire up the app and you're good to go. Like we said though, if you have any issues don't blame us.  Hit up the comments and let us know if you get it up and running!

Download Instagram for BlackBerry 10
Download Instagram for BlackBerry 10 (mirror)

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