When Google releases a new service, it is always quite an event for any Internet user because chances are it will affect our overall Internet experience. The Gmail software download for BlackBerry is no exception. The shift from client-based software installed on your Windows Desktop to Web-based application is taking place very rapidly. Most of us are now relying on web based email solutions such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. This shift makes a lot of sense: no need to backup your data, you can do the same tasks from any computer and everything is done from Internet Explorer or Mozilla. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry is not exactly the perfect student when it comes to migrating to Web 2.0. The limitation in screen size makes it a bit harder to navigate than on a PC.

We recently discussed how to setup Gmail so you can be instantly notified of incoming emails directly into your BlackBerry inbox. Today, we review the latest software release from Google, the Gmail application that can be installed on your BlackBerry. Whether you have a brand new BlackBerry Pearl, a shiny 8700 or a good 7100 or 7200 series, the java application will work just fine. Let’s start with the installation. Open your BlackBerry Web Browser and select “GO TO” option. Point it to http://gmail.com/app



Google web server will automatically detect the type of BlackBerry device you are using and will provide you with a link to an “over the air” download; that means no need to download to the PC first then sync-up with the USB cable!

A couple of thumb clicks later, the Gmail software is ready to use.

Similar to the web based interface, you start by typing your credentials. The software will remember them so you won’t have to re-enter them later. You’re immediately taken to the Inbox. From there, you can control all your emails and read, reply, forward, etc…

Login In
Gmail Login
Gmail Inbox similar to the web interface
Inbox 2
All options available from the inbox
Full search available

Using the overall solution is very intuitive. And surprisingly, it is fast. Google makes an excellent job at downloading the messages in the background so you don’t feel you’re stuck waiting for data download. I have not found many things I could not do with this application that I am already doing on the web based version of Gmail. You have full access to your labels, you can mark important messages, report spam, and archive. Gmail software even downloads your address book so finding the email address of your correspondent is simple. The only missing feature is the spell checker. This is too bad but understandable due to the limitation of data bandwidth on our BlackBerries.

Composing an email with address book support
Gmail Configuration
Full access to your labels

I strongly recommend keeping the Gmail settings we previously discussed so you are instantly notified of new messages, and use the new Gmail app to manage your emails. After the recent announcement of the Google Map software for BlackBerry, the Gmail application is another one you definitely must have on your device!

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