It's become increasingly diverse the ways with which we can show our support for BlackBerry. Be it in smartphones, or enterprise software, collaboration tools or communication platforms there's a core tenant that BlackBerry upholds - security. Share that message loud and proud on your home screen with this BlackBerry Secure wallpaper designed by @Pootermobile - go download his app for BB10 smartphones while you're at it.

BlackBerry Secure means you're secured at the golden standard. Years of security pedigree is granted to you with every product that BlackBerry puts their name on. BlackBerry Mobile intrinsically understands the value behind that security and the GM Steve Cistulli was able to convey these benefits recently on the CrackBerry podcast. As we head toward the launch of the new BlackBerry, consider showing your support and stay BlackBerry Secure. Plus, you know, it looks great on your device!