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Courtesy of our friends at ShaoSoft, we're extremely excited to announce our new CrackBerry wallpaper changing apps for your BlackBerry! The apps connect directly to our CrackBerry Wallpaper Gallery, automatically delivering new wallpapers to your BlackBerry homescreen for a fun and refreshing experience. We've even worked with BellShare on this one to ensure the rotating wallpapers work with the new BerryWeather. Two versions are available: the free CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer delivers the basics, while at $3.49 (on sale till Friday for $2.99) Wallpaper Changer Pro w/ CrackBerry Wallpapers adds a number of useful features.

Differences between free and paid versions:

  • Full allows for rotation from wallpapers saved on SD Card
  • Full allows you to save wallpapers from CB to your SD Card
  • Full has 2 "addons" that can be downloaded. 1) shortcut to quickly change wallpaper 2) shortcut to save wallpaper from CB. Both can be assigned to quicklaunch

General Description:

  • Supports JPG, TIF, PNG, & BMP format picture files
  • Low battery usage, won't drain your battery
  • Customizable rotation times; Choose what categories to pull in wallpapers from
  • Option to rotate in order or randomly
  • Smart media detection, when mass storage mode is enabled and Blackberry is plugged into computer via USB wallpaper changing is stopped and then safely resumes once unplugged
  • Lightweight, simple and efficient, not bloated with extra un-needed functions
  • Automatic start up after battery pull or device reset
  • Both versions will work with the new BerryWeather
  • Supports OS 4.7 and above

I've been rocking the beta of this for weeks now and am absolutely addicted to the CrackBerry Wallpaper changer (in fact, if you check out our BlackBerry 6 Review you can see I already had it installed on my Torch and Set as  Favorite back in July!). You can choose which categories you want to display wallpapers from your device on, so of course my personal favorite is to turn off every category except the Babes one and have it refresh every 15 minutes. It makes for a seriously entertaining work day (all your co-workers will be jealous). The free version is great, but if you've got an extra few $$ I'd recommend going for the Pro version. Being able to save and quick change wallpapers is so worth it. That's it. Enjoy it. Go download it now!!! 

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  • More Info / Download Wallpaper Changer Pro w/ CrackBerry Wallpapers >>

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