Down The Hatch

Just a quick heads up for you folk that like to game on your BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Here in the UK, Amazon are offering up Down The Hatch as today's 'free app of the day'. Clearly, this may not be the case in your region, but it's worth checking as this ones pretty awesome.

I only spent five minutes playing the game before deciding it was well worth sharing with the CrackBerry community so hit up your Amazon Appstore are see if this one's there.

To cut a long story short - you control Stinky who is always hungry. Using the tilt controls on your BlackBerry you must guide him around the display to collect food but also avoiding the onslaught of 'baddies' that will be out to get him.

The gameplay and graphics are glorious with Down The Hatch, which was what first attracted me to it. If you give it a go feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments?

And yes, a native BlackBerry 10 game would always be better, but that's just the way it goes.

How to install Down The Hatch using the Amazon Appstore on BlackBerry 10