On my last day at CES2012, I spied an advertisement while riding the monorail to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Pictured above the heads of my fellow riders was Dotz, so named for the small circular cord identifiers. My thoughts immediately went to the multitude of cables and chargers I have for my various mobile devices.

As presented by the video above, many of the Dotz products are designed to snap on to the cord near its power plug, allowing you to quickly identify what power cord goes to which device. I actually envisioned using them the other way 'round. I have a lot of cables, all with micro USB tips. For me, it would be extremely useful to identify which cable plugs into my PlayBook, which cable plugs into my BlackBerry, which cable plugs into my Bluetooth headset(s), etc.

Dotz really does have a nice, colorful selection of cord identifiers. Each dot - if you will - includes a small disk with a picture printed on it so you can figure out what cord you're looking at. Flip the disc over and you can write your cords' names - "PlayBook", "Torch 9860", and "Moto Oasis" would be a few I would use. Dotz is such an amazingly simple idea, yet with a huge benefit to me and you.

At the show, we managed to snag a few sample packs to share with our readers - don't worry, I was very nice when I asked for them. If you'd like to win one, take a moment to leave a comment to this article. We'll pick five winners from the entrants; contest ends Sunday, January 29, 2012 at midnight PST. Good luck!

Dotz cord indentifiers

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