Ah...good old DOOM! Do you remember DOOM? If you are at all into video games and were around in or before the 90's, then you probably know DOOM, and if not, quite frankly you should! DOOM is a classic, legendary video game that defined the genre of the first-person shooter. The game was created by id Software, a company with a huge legacy best known for their classics such as Wolfenstein 3D (the first 3D shooter game ever to exist) and their Quake series. Still around today, the company has been hard at work on the fourth installment of DOOM, a continuation of the modern, popular horror/survival shooter, DOOM 3.

As awesome as the modern DOOM games are, sometimes nothing quite compares to the classics. For this reason, many people still play the retro DOOM games today. They most often make use of source ports which improve some elements of the game while ultimately, ideally maintaining the original feel and experience. Some of these source ports have made it over to the mobile realm of gaming, and lucky for us, one of the ports is available for BlackBerry 10 thanks to developer Michael Ryssen.

The game, available for only $1.99 in BlackBerry App World, is called DoomGLES. If you want to jump right into the classic, action-packed, demon and zombie-slaying fun, you can install it, run it, and play the shareware version of the original DOOM right away. However, it is important to understand that you are buying the port from this developer, rather than buying the actual DOOM games. For this reason, to install full DOOM games onto your BlackBerry device, you must be willing to do a little bit of legwork and own (preferably legitimate) copies of the game WAD files. I have made a simple, easy-to-follow video showing you exactly how to get all of the full DOOM games up and running on your BlackBerry.