Until March 31st, use coupon code crackberrydoodle to save $1.00 on Doodle for the BlackBerry Storm when you purchase from CrackBerryAppStore.com.

From Tafasa, maker of the free Flight Path App we told you about earlier this week, comes Doodle for the Blackerry Storm! You can watch the video above to see this fingerpainting app in action.

Doodle features include:

  • 25 different colors to choose from
  • 4 different stroke sizes
  • 4 awesome effects (Invert Colors, Infrared, Grayscale, Sepia)
  • Take a picture from within Doodle to draw on
  • Open an image to draw on
  • Save your drawing
  • Undo drawings and image effects
  • Shake the device to clear what you have drawn

I installed Doodle on my Storm and gave it a good go. While I definitely lack any sort of mad fingerpainting skillz, the app itself is pretty full featured. Unfortunately, no free trial is available for Doodle, but you can save $1.00 off its $2.99 regular price if you buy it via CrackBerryAppStore.com on your BlackBerry and checkout using coupon code crackberrydoodle until March 31st. * Please note the coupon code will not work in our website based software.crackberry.com store.

For more info and screencaps on Doodle for the BlackBerry Storm, click here.