Doodle Jump - Day 12 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

Almost at the halfway point of 25 Days of Gifts and every morning I'm excited to see what free download is in store for us. With a nice variety, I've been pretty happy with all that has been offered so far. Though I am hoping for a movie at one point but really, I'll take what I'm given. Some I have already but that's okay. Remember, you can check back on the original post to see the full list of what has been offered already but remember that once you miss it, you miss it.

So, today, on day 12, we have another game. A classic, if I may say so. Not as classic as PAC-MAN from day 10 but nonetheless, one that has been around for a while, one I used to be quite addicted to and got quite good at. Great one for the kids.

A few things to note, as they are mentioned in the forums a lot. Sometimes the app or game doesn't show up as free in the 25 days section but if you tap into it, most of the time you'll see that it is free. However, in some cases it's not. Just do a quick refresh of BlackBerry World and it should do the trick, otherwise you may have to wait for the servers to update so you can see it for free.

You can hit up the forums later today if you start to see tomorrow's download.

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