cingular All's well that ends well it seems.

You may have lost that million dollar sale because you missed an important meeting when you didn't get that important e-mail from marketing. You are in expensive divorce proceedings because your husband's apology e-mails never made it to your Berry. You spent all morning at a diner in Queens because you didn't get the e-mail from you associates relocating to the Inn On The Park.

But fear not. Compensation is on the way.

According to the Consumerist Blog, which managed to get its hands on a confidential memo, Cingular will compensate BlackBerry users who suffered as a result of this week's big BlackBerry outage. Cingular users will be compensated up to $2.50.

Yes, that is right -- two whole American dollars. As they say, don't spend it all in one shop.

Cingular users can contact Customer Service and explain their loss and, depending on their service plan, will be credited anywhere from one to two dollars.