I love it when things come together unexpectedly and *magic* happens. I was about to head off for some dinner earlier this evening when I noticed on twitter that BlackBerry site N4BB had just fired things up to do a podcast. I jumped over to the site, listened to the BlackBerry chat taking place, and after hearing some solid BB conversation taking place I jumped into the chat room and asked to participate. Lucas invited me on right away and we all had a great discussion for the next hour. In addition to CrackBerry, we also had BlackBerryOS and GreekBerry represented. Just as BBM is about to go multi-platform, this was a multi-site BlackBerry podcast and it was FUN. I think we'll have to do more of these podcasts and all the BB sites out there can take turns hosting them. We always have a great time on our CrackBerry podcasts, but mixing it up like this makes for a lot of great perspective and discussion.

I encourage you to listen in (I crash the podcast at the 13minute mark). We don't shy away from business challenges facing BlackBerry today, but what also rings through is the pure passion that still exists for BlackBerry's products despite those business challenges and uncertainty. We're not all fanboys. We're all champions for BlackBerry.

Be sure to listen in and drop us a comment and let us know if you want to see more multi-site podcasts in the future.