CrackBerry on Priv

We love the CrackBerry community and that includes providing what we hope is a great mobile experience to get all your BlackBerry news. If you're picking up a new BlackBerry Priv you should totally go and download the official CrackBerry app for Android. Right now!

We've had an Android app for some time but for many of you, picking up a Priv may well be your first time downloading it. Recently we updated it with a new, Material Design inspired look. But everything you need to keep up with CrackBerry on the go is within. News, reviews, forums access and more.

We're biased, sure, but we love it. And if you're checking it out for the first time thanks to the BlackBerry Priv, we hope you do too! Grab it now from the Google Play Store at the link below.

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