Spark Wall

Back in August 2012, we asked CrackBerry Nation what new name should be given to BlackBerry's red circle with white asterisk symbol. Internally at Research In Motion, the symbol was long nicknamed and referred to as the splat (the original symbol looked a lot like a tomato being thrown at a wall). The splat has been a visible graphic within the BlackBerry operating system for years, but more recently began showing up in BlackBerry advertising as part of BlackBerry's Action Starts Here campaigns.

With the splat beginning to take a more visible role in BlackBerry branding, we couldn't help but think it needed a more inspired name. So we asked our CrackBerry readers for suggestions and after picking our top five favorites we ran a poll asking CrackBerry Nation to vote on their favorite. As the votes came in, one name emerged victorious above all others, and that name was the Spark. While we decided that from there on out here on CrackBerry we'd call the little red guy the BlackBerry Spark, we never actually thought it would carry on all the way up the chain and take over as the official name.

Reading over this blog post and having some conversations with employees at Research In Motion, it looks like BlackBerry loved the new Spark name too. The splat is no more and the BlackBerry Spark will live on forever. Huge props go to CrackBerry member black.rhino for being the first to suggest the spark name. It just goes to show that BlackBerry does listen to their fans. Amazing!

At CrackBerry HQ in Toronto we're all sparked out like crazy -- sparks on the walls, floor and ceiling -- wherever we can find room. And we're getting a lot of good work done here. So it's clearly true - Action begins with a Spark!