Dolphin Browser HD

Yes, we know. Dolphin Browser HD was previously available in BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook but after some hoopla about it being put there by Handster it was subsequently removed. With that little issue now cleared up, the folks from MoboTap have officially released Dolphin Browser HD into BlackBerry App World and if you're looking to try out a new browser Dolphin may have the features you're looking for:

  • Gesture - Let your inner artist out and create a personal Gesture (symbol) to access the mobile and desktop websites you use the most.
  • Webzine - Fast Web page loading, with no ads. Dolphin Webzine simplifies the way you read your favorite mobile content, from news to blogs and websites. 
  • Speed Dial - Visit you favorite mobile and desktop websites on the go with one touch.
  • Tabbed browsing - No need to toggle between screens, tabbed browsing lets you open and switch between Web pages fast as lightning.
  • SideBars - Make the best of mobile interface via Dolphin SideBar. 

Personally, I'm a fan of Dolphin Browser HD on my Android device but for the PlayBook, I have no issues with the native web browser but differentiation is good. Give Dolphin a go and see how you like it, I'm sure the folks from MoboTap will appreciate the feedback.

Download Dolphin Browser HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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