Congress has changed the dates for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the United States for this year 2007. So this week-end on March the 11th, we all moved our clocks forward 1 hour to reflect the changes. Now take a minute and have a look at the time displayed on your BlackBerry. Maybe your IT department already took care of the problem and applied a patch. But if the clock is incorrect, you’re going to have to install a patch. And unfortunately, this is not something you can really afford to skip. If you don’t apply this patch, your BlackBerry might not display correct time zone information for certain time periods during the year. In that case, some calendar events will show up one hour late.

Now the good news is that RIM prepared a simple patch for you to install. The best way to apply it is Over The Air. Simply point the Web Browser on your BlackBerry to:

Once this page is loaded, scroll down until you see a “download” button as shown on the screenshots in this article. We’ve put together an easy screen by screen guide for you to follow. The overall process should not take you more than a couple of minutes.
Screen 1
First locate the Download button
Then select “Download” as seen above
Image 3
The download starts showing its progress status
Image 4
You maybe asked to reboot your device
Image 5
Go to Settings / Options to verify the patch was installed
Image 6

If the patch can’t be installed OTA, the web page will give you a link to use for installing the patch via a USB cable and a desktop PC. You’ll have to install an ActiveX control in your PC browser and have your BlackBerry nearby so you can attach it to your PC when prompted.

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