For anyone who has ever seen the screen on my computer, I am a huge believer in shortcuts. They literally take up so much space you can barely see the wallpaper. While I'm more organized on my device, there are times I prefer having a shortcut then diving into menus or the file manager. I happened upon this simple application in the forums, and it not only gives you the ability to create a shortcut to any document or file on your device or SD card but to select settings and configuration screens of BlackBerry 10 as well. 

How many of you access the same settings, documents, or media files over and over again? DocuShortcut may not be a complex application but it saves time digging through several screens to find the one file you're looking for. As I frequently sideload applications, accessing development mode directly is a snap. What is especially interesting is that the developer started this application to test functionality with Cascades and then decided to release it on its own. 

The process to create a shortcut only takes a few moments as demonstrated in the video above. All that is required is to choose the file or setting from the dropdown list, enter in a name (characters are limited), and tap create. A default icon is assigned unless a new one is selected under more options.

DocuShortcut is a free, handy utility application that supports all BlackBerry 10 handsets. It may be a simple concept but it's useful and easy to use.

More information/download DocuShortcut

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